Travatan® Z Ophthalmic Solution is now offered as a full benefit of innoviCares! You don’t have to switch from Travatan® Z to a generic version (called travopost) if you don’t want to; the choice belongs to you under the advice of your doctor.

As with other original brands covered on the innoviCares program, your innoviCares card will allow you to remain on original brand-name Travatan® Z at little or no cost over the generic alternatives.


With the increase in media attention surrounding the pharmaceutical industry in Canada (such as the recent article in the Toronto Star) we would like to remind you that we are proud to offer you greater access and choice by paying all, or part of, the difference in price between nearly 100 well-known brand-name med


The innoviCares Terms & Conditions  and the corporate STI Technologies Limited Privacy Policy have been updated as of today. These updates will go into effect immediately, and by continuing to use innoviCares and it’s online properties, you agree to these revised documents.    


On May 12, 2014, innoviCares will publish an updated version of its Terms & Conditions and the corporate STI Technologies Limited Privacy Policy.  


We are pleased to welcome Avodart®, Amerge®, Imitrex DF®, Lamictal® and Paxil®, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline Inc., to the innoviCares program. These products are now available as part of your innoviCares membership, along with a growing list of other medications.


We are pleased to welcome PROGRAF ®, manufactured by Astellas Pharma Canada, to the innoviCares program.

This newly added product is available immediately on your innoviCares card!