STI Technologies Limited celebrates the two-year anniversary of its free innoviCares patient-benefit plan

STI Technologies Limited is marking two years of helping Canadian patients have greater access to medications through its free innoviCares patient-benefit plan. The innoviCares plan includes many types of benefits, such as allowing patients to receive brand-name medications and health-care products at an equal or similar price to the generic alternatives.

When the plan launched, 12 medications were covered; today innoviCares is the ninth-largest private plan in Canada, and covers nearly 100 medications and products from 20 drug manufacturers. There are no monthly fees, and the innoviCares card has been accepted at over 98 per cent of Canadian pharmacies.

“Our innoviCares plan continues to grow,” says Tim Gillis, chief executive officer at STI. “We’re adding more tools, resources and benefits for patients to help patients manage their medications.”

To date, the innoviCares card has helped nearly 800,000 Canadians, with over 50,000 benefitting from the plan each week. In addition to covering such well-known medications as Crestor, Ezetrol, Imovane, and Cipralex, innoviCares also offers free benefits towards such products as diabetes blood-glucose meters and test strips. “The innoviCares plan improves patients’ medication choices,” says Gillis. “The stress that people are under to be able to afford certain medications is huge. We’re here to help them with that.”

Partnering pharmaceutical companies believe that greater access and patient choice to the most effective medications helps lead to better health outcomes.  “With this in mind, we’ve added 14 Sanofi products to the innoviCares plan to ensure patient access to brand-name medications prescribed by their physician”, says Tracey Ramsay, Sanofi Canada’s Vice President of Hospital, Specialty and Consumer Health.

STI Technologies Limited is the largest intelligent reimbursement solutions provider to the Canadian healthcare industry, implementing innovative programs on behalf of major pharmaceutical companies. Using their advanced patient-centric technology platform, all of the Halifax-based company’s programs, support greater access and choice to medications and health-care products to improve patient outcomes.


Mon, 02/02/2015