Neil's innoviCares Story

"Just over a year ago, a relative told me about Crestor, and I did some research about it on the Internet. That’s when I discovered the website for the innoviCares card, and I applied for it online. At the time, my family doctor and my pharmacist hadn’t heard about the card."

"My new family doctor knows about innoviCares and promotes it. My card is covering Crestor and four or five other brand-name medications, for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, angina and insomnia. They’re all medications that I take regularly. I’ve tried generics but they didn’t work and I refuse to take them anymore—I want to stay on my brand-name medications because I know they work."

"The innoviCares card is a great help and offers significant savings. I’m retired from my career in administration, and I get CPP and have a small work pension but minimal provincial health coverage. The innoviCares program means I not only save money but it also improves my quality of life. My innoviCares card is a godsend; when I look at the full cost of some of the drugs, they’re very high. I think this program could help a lot of people."

– Neil, age 62, Ottawa, Ontario.

Fri, 02/20/2015