Margaret’s Story

“For many years, I’ve suffered from severe depression, panic attacks, separation anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The depression got worse as I got older, and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In 2012, I had a breakdown—I was on medication, but not the right kind or enough of a dose. I ended up in the hospital, where I saw a psychiatrist. After I was discharged, I continued to see her on an outpatient basis for two years. She was an angel; she got me on the proper medications, and she introduced me to the innoviCares card.

“I take seven daily medications, and three of them are covered by innoviCares. Thanks to this card, I’ve been able to afford name-brand medications, which are more effective for me than the generic versions. I’m a mother of five and a grandmother of 14. Taking the right medications has allowed me to function on a regular everyday basis and to enjoy my family. I couldn’t do that without the coverage innoviCares provides. I’m now sleeping better and more comfortable leaving the house, and the medication is helping me manage my depression.

“Some people have to go without medication because they can’t afford it. I’m grateful that innoviCares covers three of my medications, and I’m hoping that it will eventually cover more of them. I’ve told people about this card because of how it has helped me. I believe that innoviCares is saving lives—it has definitely saved mine.”

— Margaret, age 54, Trenton, Ont.

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Wed, 01/07/2015