Manage your Diabetes with innoviCares

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed or you’ve been living with diabetes for some time, learning to manage a chronic disease is no simple task. From understanding treatment options to coping with lifestyle changes, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips to help you take care.

Talk to your primary care physician about treatment options. If you’re unclear, ask questions. Some of the things you may wish to discuss include:

A healthy weight for you.

  1. The exercise regime that is appropriate for you
  2. Nutritional needs (this may include referral to a nutrition specialist)

Take care of your tootsies!

Your foot care is incredibly important. Check your feet daily, keep them clean and wear soft, well-fitting, breathable shoes and socks. Report any pain or change to your healthcare provider.

Don’t forget your mental wellness.

Coping with a chronic disease is difficult and can be confusing. Take time for your mental well-being and try to be kind to yourself each day.

Want more great tips on managing your diabetes care? Visit Canadian Diabetes Association online today.