Health Tips and more from Olympic Gold Medalist, Catriona Le May Doan

Our ambassador, Catriona Le May Doan, is much more than an Olympic Gold Medalist: she's a busy mom, too! We had a chance to chat with Catriona quickly to see how she manages to do it all and stay healthy. Below are some questions our team had for her!

innoviCares: Do you spend much time on the ice now that you’re retired?

Catriona Le May Doan: I speed skate at various times. But I am on ice also for ringette and hockey that I play in women's leagues. 

iC: You mentioned thinking that innoviCares was “too good to be true”. What was your “Aha!” moment?

CLD: My "aha" moment was signing up and realizing that innoviCares never asked me any health or financial questions.  

iC: If you weren’t an Olympic speed skater, what do you think you would have done?

CLD: I am not sure what I would've done... perhaps an architect! I've always loved drawing house plans. 

iC: What’s your best tip or trick for busy Canadians who want to take better care of themselves?

CLD: I would say time management is key - but just taking 20' to start with taking care of yourself. Start small. We can find an extra 20 minutes - easier than trying to find an hour! That's the start. 

iC: How did you cope with learning that you would need to take a prescription medication to deal with your chronic pain?

CLD: Coping was accepting, and I needed to accept that I needed help which, for me, came from prescriptions.

iC: What was the hardest part of training for the Olympics? 

CLD: The hardest part of training was the "unknown". The stress of the race and knowing that during the race anything could happen. 

iC: The training you did for the Olympics was obviously intense and took a toll on your body. What parts of your body were most affected?

CLD: The parts of my body most affected were feet - toes to be exact - and neck/upper back. 

iC: Is there anything you know now about your health and wellness that you wish you had known back in your racing days?

CLD: I wouldn't change a thing. I took care of myself and learned how to lead an active lifestyle for life.

iC: What went through your mind while you were racing?

CLD: It was easy during races to get over stressed. However, I trained to stay focusing on keywords and specific technical issues. 

iC: Would you recommend innoviCares to friends or family?

CLD: Of course, I would recommend innoviCares to all. It is beneficial for Canadians to keep their prescriptions and health management consistent. 

* * * 

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